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Engagement Ring Buying Guide: Ten Things You Should Know

February 19, 2016 By: admin Category: Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Engagement Ring Buying Guide: – Do you want to pick the ring? Or want to gain knowledge in case you wish to advise a friend or relative? Whatever the case may be, you should read on, with undivided attention, because I am about to expose ten secret things no one would ever tell you about shopping for an engagement ring.

If you do it right, your engagement experience will be a cherished memory, and cherished memories are important in building a happy home.

People may not understand the emotional struggle a person suffers while shopping for an engagement ring. I experienced the same eight years ago when I proposed to my wife. I wish someone had told me the secrets nobody talks about. Now, sit tight, as we journey through these ten gold mines.

1. Listen to Carefully Anytime She Talks About Jewelry

If you don’t know the kind of jewelry she loves, try and bring up a conversation with her on jewelry, then subtly move to the types of engagement rings. Tell her the type you like, and then, ask her the kind she loves. She will quickly tell you because you have told her yours, without knowing that you are planning something to take the relationship to the next level. For you to be very successful at this, you have to understand the different kinds of engagement rings by browsing the net, so as to enable you to make the conversation flow smoothly. On the other hand, you may do the browsing with together; this may be unromantic helps to make sure you give her the best.

2. Asking For Permission May Be Awkward

If you are the traditional type, you’ll know that the act of asking your partner’s parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage shows your respect for them, and they will love you more for it, right? But I will advise that you just go ahead with the engagement because formal asking for their daughter’s hand in marriage cane be awkward and discomforting. They will still love because it shows you are serious in the relationship and not a playboy.

3. Talk With Other Guys Who Have Gone Through It Before

There is nothing wrong seeking the opinions of trusted friends who have had the experience before, no matter how reserved you are. Why would you do that? Because a person that asks questions does not miss his way. Ask them jeweler recommendations, or still, take any of them with you on your first shopping to help you make the right choice.

4. You May Feel The Need To Consult Her Friends.

Your partner’s friends or someone close to her is an excellent means to know what she’s been thinking about or things she had seen in a magazine or somewhere that caught her eye. These friends will help you score major points, therefore, confide in someone very close to your partner who can gather feelers about her. Your girlfriend’s friend would probably be interested to help you do research and also plan the proposal. But wait a minute! Be very careful who you tell, and don’t let many people know so that someone will not accidentally or intentionally let the cat out.

5. It’s Her Ring, Not Yours

Many guys make the mistake of thinking that whatever they buy for their ladies will be appreciated based on the quality and cost. No, not exact, and not true. I want you to understand that, though it’s your money, the gift is not yours. She’s the one that will be using it, not you; and if she does not derive the needed satisfaction when using the stuff, then, the money you used in buying it is worthless. You may love gold, but she may prefer platinum. It is your wallet, but it is her ring, don’t forget that. Therefore, when shopping for her, don’t make the mistake of thinking what you like, but what she would like.

6. All Diamonds Look The Same At First

Alert! Take careful note of this; all rings looks the same at first sight – shiny, sparkling and captivatingly perfect. The first price you are quoted may not always be the best price. Don’t be deceived by what you see at your first sight of it. Take your time to shop around and ask questions – this is where going with an experienced person comes to play.

7. Learning The 4Cs Is Equivalent To Studying For An Exam

Ring shopping is one of the most stressful moments in a man’s life but if done the proper way, can be one of the most memorable purchases you will ever make.

The 4Cs am talking about are the diamond’s Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color. If you buy a ring without taking cognizance of the 4Cs, it will be like buying an expensive care only to find out it has a crappy engine, rusted bolts and won’t last for a week. Therefore, don’t rush into shopping without taking your time to study up.

8. Going Custom Is Not Complicated Or Expensive

When people hear of custom or customizing a product they mistake it for doing something “valuable,” but that’s not true. Simply put, it means to modify something to your taste.

One thing you have to understand is that diamond and the setting do not always come as one package. You can buy the ring as you see it, but you can also purchase the diamond and the setting differently and then tell the jeweler to make you a custom ring. For instance, if you happen to like the stone on one ring, and the setting on another, the jeweler could use the stone and the setting you like to make a perfect ring for you.

Remember what I said before, he that asks questions do not miss his way. The jewelers will do everything in their powers to make you happy.

9. Your Budget Will Be Tested.

Truth be told, no matter what your budget is, buying an engagement ring is going to be expensive. You cannot find a coupon for the perfect ring without failing. So, shop around, and set your budget. When you are set, you may be pressured to go higher. Don’t be ashamed or frightened to tell the jeweler your limit, and be firm. If raising the Carat count means skipping few month’s rent, then you do so.

Whether you believe it or not, your budget must be tested. Buying an engagement ring is like being in the driver seat with focus, and not like being across the counter with smiles. When shopping for the ring, go online and research and shop for the best option because it’s your money, your time and your moment.

10. You’ll Be Exhausted Before It’s Time To Plan The Proposal

It’s not over yet, guy. After all your homework, talking to your partner’s friends, your friends, shopping around, and finally picked a ring, you will have to get the ring out of your hands onto hers as quickly as possible.

Planning the proposal is just as essential as buying the ring; so guy, make it count. Make it go beyond pulling out the ring to her. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but make it exciting and memorable. Remember, this is your chance to exhibit a surprising proposal that will excite your partner, something she will love. Once again, it’s not for you; it’s for her.

Haven revealed these ten secret things about shopping for an engagement ring; I wish success with your commitment to that perfect person.

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

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How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Engagement Ring Buying Guide

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