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Best Price White Gold Wedding Rings

March 20, 2016 By: admin Category: Wedding Planning

Best Price White Gold Wedding Rings

Best Price White Gold Wedding Rings

Some say that planning a wedding is stressful. All it does is make you feel like your wedding is just another event rather than a happy milestone in your life. Being both excited and afraid of planning your wedding is normal. Many will be excited because they’ll finally be coupled together with their real love for the rest of their life but some will be afraid of it especially when it comes to the expense.

Believe me, when I tell you that weddings will surely make a hole in your wallet. The event itself is expensive let alone the rings. So, it’s best to get the most out of your money. Here are some of the best price white gold wedding rings I have found online. By “best price” I mean something that’s not too cheap and not too expensive but just right for its price.

1. Real KNOTS- K3072

The ring is a gorgeous and a classic wedding ring that comes with ornate details. The ring is perfectly round with 0.183 cw of round and beautiful diamonds, matching bands and white metals. You can choose any of the given metals for this ring: palladium, platinum, white metals and white gold.


This ring is stunning and is nearly colorless. The primary focus or asset of the ring is the gorgeous one karat round diamond in the center. The ring is a real sign of a declaration of love. It comes with a 14K white gold band. Even when this ring is of traditional design, it is honestly and truly breathtaking.


This wedding ring is a beauty in itself. The handcrafted details are worth noting for. The ring’s details include beautiful mill grain edging and scroll hand engravings. You can customize the ring depending on your choice of gems, kind of metal and of course, your budget.

4. SCOTT KAY B1860R510

This ring will make you believe in the saying “simplicity is a beauty.” You can choose between various metals such as 14 karats yellow gold, 18 karats white gold, and 18 karats yellow gold. However, the downside of this ring is that it comes with a huge price tag of $2060. Nevertheless, the ring is a beauty and is truly “best priced.”
P.S.: All the rings above come with a lifetime warranty and range from $600-$2000. All are of leading brands and all “best priced”.

Best Price White Gold Wedding Rings

Best Price White Gold Wedding Rings

Best Price White Gold Wedding Rings