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Second Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

December 08, 2016 By: admin Category: Anniversary Gift Ideas

Second Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

On your wedding day, when you and your wife said “I do,” you committed yourselves to staying with each other for years! This is a huge decision and it usually requires responsibility and a lot of giving and taking. Every year in that relationship, you celebrate your wedding anniversary, and during this particular time, you will get the opportunity to show your spouse, how much you appreciate the time, he/she has spent with you.

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated with gifts depending on the likes or dislikes of your partner and the traditional wedding theme for that year. The gifts are usually grouped based on the length of time you have been with your spouse.

Two years into the marriage and its time for your 2nd wedding anniversary! If you are not sure what to buy for your spouse, but you want to show her how grateful you are for her love and how you truly appreciate the time that she has spent together with you, then worry no more! Before you finish reading through this blog post, you will quickly find all the answers that you seek!

Traditionally, the second-anniversary wedding gifts are based around cotton, and there are so many items that you can pick. Here are some suggestions of great traditional second wedding anniversary gift ideas for her.

  1. Cotton homewares for the décor lover: if your spouse loves to decorate and create a stylish home, then get her some cotton home furnishings. These can include bed linens such as doona cover sheets, cushions, towels, serviettes, curtains, throw rugs and tablecloths.

  2. Cotton homewares for the cook: if your partner loves to cook, you can get her cotton kitchen homewares such as aprons, oven mitts, placemats or even coasters.

  3. Hammock: getting her a cotton hammock for her to relax and read a book on the balcony is an excellent gift idea as it would help her unwind now and then. The hammock is also a perfect way to cuddle up on your anniversary night.

  4. Monogrammed matching bathrobe: you can get your spouse a matching robe with her name monogrammed on it.

  5. Egyptian cotton bedding: an Egyptian cotton bedspread is a magnificent idea! Both of you would end up laying on it and maybe having a romantic romp on your anniversary night!

  6. Cotton lingerie: This may just add more spice in the bedroom.

  7. Cotton clothing: you can get her a cotton blouse, top or gown just to show her that, you know her style!

  8. Cotton Roses: Don’t know they exist? Well, they do! Get her a bunch of beautiful cotton roses and watch her awe in excitement.

  9. Monogrammed Cotton handkerchief: Have her initials and a lovely message knitted onto a cotton handkerchief just for her.

  10. Love muffin: Have her wedding vows printed on a cotton canvas, then frame it up and put it on display proudly for all to see!

Always try to know your partner’s interests, likes and dislikes before you decide on a gift. If you do so, you will find that the gift she gets on each anniversary would be appropriate and something that she will truly appreciate!

Second Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

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