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Simple Wedding Ideas: For you to Know

October 05, 2014 By: admin Category: Wedding Ideas

Simple Wedding Ideas

Simple Wedding Ideas

Here are some simple wedding ideas to make your big day a less stressful event.

Set Aside the Bridal Magazines

Once you’ve said yes to the proposal, now is the time to set aside the bridal magazines. Did you know that the average wedding now costs around $20,000? Cut that amount in half, and you could pay off half of your car note or a large chunk of your student loans.

The irony is that bridal magazines sell us the idea that a big, expensive wedding is the key to a happy marriage. While statistics suggested that the divorce rate was 50% while more recent number crunching says only 35% to 40% of first marriages end in divorce, it is fair to say that the quality of the marriage is completely unrelated to the price tag of the wedding. In fact, demanding an ever more elaborate affair before you start the wedding may make him have second thoughts about how the rest of your lives together will be like.

The Dress

Use the time you’ve spent perusing bridal magazines in the past to decide on the style you’d like before you even walk into the shop. Do you want a traditional wedding dress? Do you want a stylish gown that could double as an evening gown on a subsequent occasion? Do you hate strapless gowns? Does the prospect of a long train delight you or frighten you with nightmares you’ll break an ankle on your big day? Decide on the general style and cut before you go into the store.

Decide on your budget for the wedding dress before you start shopping. You’ll speed up the process by saying, “I can’t spend more than $1000 on the dress”, since the clerk won’t waste your time showing you $5,000 dresses you won’t buy.

Find a wedding dress that fits you as you are today, assuming you aren’t pregnant. If a dress is perfect except for the fact that it doesn’t fit, it isn’t perfect. Find a dress you like that fits you well, because tailoring adds to the cost of the dress, the odds that something will go wrong and possible delays to having a dress ready in time for the event.

The Tux

Rent the groom’s tuxedo instead of buying one; it is cheaper than buying a tuxedo, and let’s be honest, 95% of guys who need a tux for a wedding won’t wear one again except for someone else’s wedding.

Everyone Else’s Outfits

Consider picking a general color theme for the wedding and then asking friends to match that color them, and then give them permission to wear something from their closets that fit the color scheme. You dramatically simplify the wedding if you let your bridal party wear light pink, teal or white dresses they already own instead of demanding they wear a specific gown that they’ll likely only wear once. A hundred years ago, many people wore their Sunday best to the wedding – including the bride. Simplify your wedding’s logistics, lower the cost and lessen the stress by bringing back a color coordinated “Sunday best” selection of outfits in the bridal party.

The Wedding Party

Keep the wedding party small, ideally limited to only a best man and maid of honor. Larger wedding parties are a possible source of conflict, and they have no bearing on the odds of the marriage lasting a lifetime.

Guest List

Weddings tend to rise in price proportionally – or even exponentially – with the number of guests. Don’t invite everyone from work to your wedding if you wouldn’t invite them to your birthday party. Don’t let parents invite business partners in order to schmooze at your big event while drinking beverages you paid for. Don’t invite ex-partners to show off. Avoid inviting people who might create problems at the wedding. For example, don’t invite your drunk cousin with a history of getting arrested at family gatherings to the wedding just because Mom really, really thinks he should be allowed to come. Leave guests off the list if they are likely to fight with members of the wedding party. For example, Dad’s new girlfriend should probably stay home if she’s going to make the bride’s mother break down at the big day.

The Venue

Select a venue you want, such as the church you attend or event hall near your homes. Don’t let a wedding coordinator steer you to a large venue that you are reluctant to use, either because of the cost or the scheduling constraints.

Don’t bother with a destination wedding. You’ll prevent many friends and relatives from attending because they can’t afford to travel, all for the dubious luxury of not having to travel to the honeymoon suite for your first night together. In fact, by planning a simpler, cheaper wedding, you’ll probably have more money for the honeymoon trip or a vacation during your first year of marriage.

Care and Feeding of the Crowd

One of the easiest simple wedding ideas to implement is streamlining the affair. Set a date at the chapel, go shopping for a wedding ring set or dress and plan to get married. Simplify the affair by deciding not to arrange an evening out on the town for everyone else.

You can simplify the wedding significantly by deciding in advance to skip the sit down dinner. You do not have to have a sit down dinner. One alternative is to offer a large selection of finger foods via catering along with the wedding cake. A second option is to take the immediate wedding party of the bride, groom and closest family members to a private dinner after the wedding, if not a sit down meal together before the formal affair.

What if you want to do a sit down dinner? You simplify the wedding immensely by refusing to serve alcohol. Not only do you open up a large number of venues by doing this, but you eliminate the possibility of bad behavior because someone had too much to drink.

The Bachelor Party

Speaking of bad behavior because of too much to drink, one way to prevent embarrassing moments that can land on you America’s Funniest Home Videos is to plan at least 24 hours between the wedding and the bachelor party. For example, have the bachelor party on a Friday night when the wedding is held on a Sunday. Then you know that the groom won’t be too ill or exhausted to stand properly at his wedding. One of the best simple wedding ideas is to put enough time between the bachelor / bachelorette parties and the wedding that it doesn’t complicate the event.

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