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Do you know How to do a Cheap Wedding?

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How to do a cheap wedding

How to do a cheap wedding

Do you want to save enough on the average $20,000 wedding to throw it for a fraction of that price, allowing you to use any remaining funds given to cover the wedding to pay down debt, cover the deposit on your new home together or save up for a house?

Use the Venues Close to You

The cheapest venues you can rent aren’t the little “wedding shops” you drive past, though those are cheap. The cheapest venues you can rent for a wedding are those you share associations with. For example, renting a church in which you are a member is a fraction of the price you would pay as a visitor. What if you aren’t a member of a church? Renting the church your parents or his parents are a member of is still cheaper than it would be to rent the famous cathedral down the street.

Renting a venue close to where you live has the added benefit of eliminating travel costs for you and many of your attendees.
Furthermore, using a venue generally means a discount on the associated officiant. In plain English, if you rent the church, the pastor’s services are cheaper than bringing in a popular officiant for the occasion. Another alternative is asking your friends and family who is authorized in the state where you live to officiate.

You’ll be amazed how many people have ordinations and legal permission to marry couples from their ministerial training before going into business or becoming a counselor. If it is a friend, they’ll often do it for fee or a nominal fee.

Stay Home for the Wedding – and the Honeymoon

To build on the “use a local venue” theme, skip the destination weddings. It may be popular for many newlyweds to hold the wedding in Maui so they don’t have to fly the day after the wedding to the vacation, but it excludes many people from the wedding who can’t afford to travel that far for your wedding.

Another way to save on the wedding is to plan a local honeymoon. No, I don’t mean stay in the apartment on week and settle into your new married life together. Stay at a local fancy hotel in the bridal suite; there are no travel costs associated with getting there, and if you stay in the bridal suite of the venue where you throw an associated party, you’ll get a discount on your stay.

Find the Perfect Dress – In Their Closets

Do you want your bridesmaid to love you? Don’t ask her to buy a new dress she’ll only wear to your wedding. Pick a color scheme for your wedding and ask your bridesmaid(s) to pick out dresses they already own that fit that color scheme. It is fine to set a rule that they can’t outdo you on the dress.

Limiting Who Is Part of the Wedding Party

You can save on the affair by limiting the size of the wedding party. If you only have one or two bridesmaids, far fewer people have to find a suitable dress. If there is a single best man along with the groom, fewer fellows need to rent or buy a tuxedo. The volume of associated presents for these individuals likewise goes down.

And while your cousin’s three year old daughter would be a beautiful flower girl and his friend’s son could be a ring bearer, you avoid a lot of potential problems and uploads to Youtube if you skip the fancy little girl’s dresses and toddler tuxedos and let the pastor give you the rings at the right moment.

If They Want a Booze Laden Party, It Is On Their Dime

You can save money on the wedding by having a simple wedding followed by a reception in the same venue. Provide plenty of finger foods on one side of the room and a gift table on the other.

However, some people want to make their big day even bigger by throwing a large party. If this is the case, you can dramatically lower costs by excluding the booze. You eliminate the potential disasters related to drunken guests, you won’t see your selection of venues limited to those that permit alcohol, and there is no longer a concern about what to do with the children when wine is served. And no one can accuse you of being cheap of setting up a cash bar at the wedding, if no alcohol is served.

Quality Over Quantity

Winnow down that guest list from the 300 friends, family, neighbors, classmates and kindred who might want to come. How can you decide who should truly attend versus those you feel obligated to invite? Pick the 30 people you’d expect to invite to your first anniversary party or a birthday party. Conversely, think of who would send you a card or present for the baby shower or their condolences if your spouse died. If the person on the list probably wouldn’t bother being involved in these events in your life, you don’t have to invite them to the wedding.

It is acceptable to ask that someone not bring a partner if that individual is known to be disruptive. Likewise, it is fair to ask family members not to bring along business associates to turn special occasion into a business deduction.

How Not to Get Rung by the Ring’s Cost

The simplest way to save on the wedding rings’ cost is to go with the classic gold bands. Another way to find cheap wedding rings is to ask family members if they have gold rings they do not want anymore. You may be surprised to find out how many divorced relatives still hold their wedding rings and may part with them to see them used by someone. A third solution is to trade in the engagement ring toward the cost of the wedding rings. The fourth way to save on the wedding rings is to find out if the store that sold you the engagement ring offers discounts on wedding rings.

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How to do a cheap wedding - Cheap wedding gowns

How to do a cheap wedding – Cheap wedding gowns

How to do a cheap wedding - wedding couples

How to do a cheap wedding – wedding couples

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