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Garden Wedding Ideas: Who wants to Know

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Garden Wedding Ideas

Garden Wedding Ideas

Many couples choose to have their weddings in the springtime, but not all of them choose to get married outdoors. Yet, those who would take in all of the beauty of getting married in the spring of the year, when the flowers are in bloom and all of life seems to be renewed, eagerly seek out inspiring and creative garden wedding ideas.

Line the Bridesmaids Up on Stepping Stones

Bridesmaids are an important part of the wedding. Usually, these ladies are they who have supported the bride even through the early beginnings of her relationship with her now groom. However, bridesmaids are also important for adding to the beauty and the grandeur of the wedding. For example, many couples take great care in choosing their bridesmaids’ gowns.

Smart garden wedding ideas incorporate the significance of these prominent members of the brides’ party. One such idea is to have a special stepping stone on which each lady is placed. The stepping stones can actually be multipurpose, serving to not only highlight the bridesmaids, but also protect their high heels from sinking down into the grass as they stand.

Make it Cozy and Colorful with Chair Cushions
Outdoor furniture is often hard and uncomfortable, being made to withstand the elements. Many outdoor weddings make use of such furniture as the seating for the guests. It may not be fitting into your wedding decor to use the type of chair pads often utilized for outdoor furnishings, but using some fluffy, colorful throw pillows instead of regular chair pads adds to both the guests’ comfort and overall wedding decor.
If comfort isn’t really a concern with the chairs you’ve chosen for your wedding, then it won’t be necessary to put a throw pillow on every single chair. You could put one on every other chair. The best thing about this idea is there are many very creative options to choose from when choosing chair pillows for your outdoor wedding. You could use pillows of alternating colors in each row of chairs, or even have pillows of a special shape, such as the shape of a heart.

Forego Traditional Seating Options and Cover Hay

Using bales of hay as seating is one of the most bold, creative, and cost-effective wedding ideas. A bale of hay can actually be quite comfortable to sit on and can cost less than a chair that’s bought or comes from a wedding furniture rental.

However, if you’re going to use hay as seating in your outdoor wedding, be sure to provide a covering for each bale. The covering can be something as simple as a cloth pinned on the bale at the corners, but the benefit is that it protects those sitting on the hay from being prodded by the straws. The covering is also another opportunity for enhancing the overall wedding decor.
Design an Outdoor Palace within the Garden
Depending on the garden, just being in it while getting married could suffice for having a beautiful dream wedding. But, even in a well landscaped garden, adding to the beauty through the building of an outdoor palace made especially for your wedding could made the day seem more like a day in paradise.
The use of pillars and flowing fabrics around the wedding area lays the outer borderline of your outdoor palace. Have an arch way at the altar, perhaps even with steps going up to it. There are many simple ways to build an outdoor palace for your garden wedding, and your garden palace can be as simple or as elaborate as you would have it be.

Let Fresh Fruit Be the Hors d’oeuvres

If the wedding is being planned long in advance, then perhaps the garden it’s set to be in could be made a fruit garden filled with berries and all sorts of sweet things. The wedding could be held at the time when the fruit is ripe and ready to be picked, so that those attending can eat the fruit at its freshest.
The fruit would, of course need to be washed off. The wedding could be bordered by tables holding fruit washing stations. Those stations could even be flowing water fountains, further adding to the beauty and tranquility of the wedding environment.
There’s nothing like springtime for having a wedding outdoors. A few creative garden wedding ideas can help make the special day even more of a special event.

Garden Wedding Ideas photos

Garden wedding ideas - Garden wedding decoration ideas

Garden wedding ideas – Garden wedding decoration ideas

Garden wedding ideas

Garden wedding ideas

Garden wedding-decorations

Garden wedding-decorations

Garden Wedding Ideas article and pictures

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