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How to find the perfect wedding dress

How to find the perfect wedding dress

What are the guidelines should you follow when searching for the perfect wedding dress? What makes the dress the right one for you?

Let’s talk about how to find the perfect wedding dress.
Be Honest About Your Body Type

The perfect wedding dress is not the one on the cover of the bridal magazine. The perfect dress doesn’t require you to lose twenty pounds, starve yourself before your wedding, get liposuction or otherwise alter your body.

The perfect wedding dress isn’t going to be sleeveless if you are embarrassed about your upper arms or are worried about the gown falling down.

The perfect wedding dress is one that fits you properly and flatters the figure you have. In short, the perfect dress will be one that fits you as you are, assuming you aren’t pregnant and expecting to get much bigger before the wedding.

Finding the perfect wedding dress requires being honest about your body type. Then you will be able to ignore 80% of the dresses made for people who are skinnier, shorter, thicker or flatter than you are.

In short, the perfect wedding dress will be one that fits you as you are when you start looking for a wedding dress without alterations.

The Dress You Can Afford

The perfect wedding dress is going to be one you can afford to buy. This by definition means a wedding dress that doesn’t have to be charged to a credit card or put on payments. Lay-a-way should give you pause in the least. The perfect wedding dress is one you will wear just once, so don’t spend a fortune on one outfit you’ll only break out to show off to your friends or hand down to a friend or relative.

Determining a budget up front for the dress makes it much easier to find the perfect dress. You already know it has to fit you and flatter your figure. By setting an upper limit, such as five hundred dollars or five thousand dollars, you avoid the heartbreaking dilemma of the salesperson showing you a perfectly coiffed dress that costs more than your car.

If you lay down the law on how much you’ll spend on the dress, the salespeople will go out of their way to find dresses you can afford and fit into so they can make their commission. This may include bringing out last year’s dresses, dresses with unusual features that didn’t sell or returns because someone broke off the engagement before the wedding.

Don’t balk at looking at last year’s bridal fashions. Your wedding dress isn’t like the T-shirts and designer jeans you might have worn in high school, where everyone knows what is “in” and criticizes you for being out of date. Besides, what matters more is that the dress fits you – physically and financially. A dress that has been sitting on the hanger for a year is going to be half the price of the new ones and, since we’ve already said it must fit you, it will look just as good on you as the new one. It’s just cheaper.

The older dresses may actually be your salvation if you have a hard to fit figure. Petites and fuller figure women will find more selection in the back of the store than the will the latest and greatest fashions. It is the same sorting you see with new jeans – all the sizes four through ten disappear as the skinny people pick them up, leaving the size twos and twenties no one else can wear.

Look Where No One Else Dares Tread

When you want a bargain on a wedding dress, you may need to travel where no one else dares tread. For example, visiting the clothing resale shops where you can find an amazing assortment of worn-once prom and wedding dresses. Consignment shops sometimes have wedding dresses as well, again in the “worn once” or “sold after separation”. In these cases, you could find a brand name dress for a fraction of the bridal shop’s price, though it takes more hunting.

For the adventurous, you could re-purpose a beautiful white prom dress as a wedding dress. It isn’t a wedding dress because it came from a bridal shop (with the accompanying markup), but because you wore it to your wedding.
Another alternative is asking friends and family for a hand-me-down dress. They speak of something borrowed, something new. Did you inherit your mother’s figure? Then your mother’s wedding dress could add an intimate connection between your special day and hers. And since the dress is essentially free, paying for minor alterations in this case is within anyone’s budget.

You Like It

A final rule for knowing it is the right wedding dress is if you like it. It doesn’t matter if he finds it sexy, your mother thinks it is lovely, your best friend wants to steal it or it is a steal of a deal. It is only the perfect wedding dress for you if you like it, both its appearance on the rack and how it looks on you.
One way to make sure you actually like the dress is to ask the clerk to hold onto it until you can return the next day to get someone else’s opinion. When you come back the next day, look at it again and try it on again. Having a night to think about it allows you to avoid the mistake of buying a wedding dress because everyone around you is excited to be shopping for a wedding dress or there was a majority opinion in favor of that dress. Make sure you still like it before you buy it.

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress photos

How to find the perfect wedding for body type

How to find the perfect wedding for body type

How to find the perfect wedding dresses for body shape

How to find the perfect wedding dresses for body shape

Perfect wedding dress for body shape

Perfect wedding dress for body shape

How find out the perfect wedding dress for your body type

How find out the perfect wedding dress for your body type

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