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How to Plan a Perfect Wedding

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How to Plan a Perfect Wedding

How to Plan a Perfect Wedding

Planning a flawless wedding is never easy. Most of us dream of a beautiful wedding that is filled with happiness, exquisite cuisine, beautiful flowers and all our dear ones. If you want to accomplish a perfect wedding ceremony, remember that the timeline should be a yearlong plan. There are several things you should take into consideration, here what you need to accomplish in 12 months time.

A Year Before 

A year before the actual day, you must book the venue. If your wedding date falls during a busy season, you may not get the venue you are looking for! Before finalizing the location, draft a guest list. Identity whom and why you wish to invite them. Engagement parties are optional celebrations. However, the bride’s family might host an engagement party to delight their little girl.

10 Months Before

Ten months before the wedding, you should plan for a scintillating bridal party. This is one of the toughest events you can organize because there are too many themes to pick from. Focus on fun-filled ideas that are both feasible and creative. Meanwhile, you should choose vendors for your big day. Book wedding planners, caterers, and photographers together. These are three important bodies that should work together for a perfect wedding ceremony.

8 Months Before

Eight months before the wedding, you should order the dress. Believe it or not, designer wedding outfits can take from six to eight months before you receive them; you can look for it online. If you want the dress to be customized and perfectly cut to fit your body, you must work with the designer. Eight months would be a perfect time to book hotel rooms for your dear ones. In case you are planning for a destination wedding, make sure the hotel has adequate rooms for your guests.

6 Months Before

Six months before the big day, you should start saving dates. This is a crucial step for destination weddings. Also, start ordering bridesmaids dresses. Just like the bride’s outfits, bridesmaid dresses can take at least four to five months; again you can search online. Moving on, you should buy wedding bands. If the bands are customized with inscriptions, it would be best to order them as early as possible.

4 Months Before

Grooms should choose their attire four months before the wedding. This is an ideal time to avoid last minute disappointments and mishaps. Likewise, you can plan the rehearsal dinner. This is a tradition where the groom’s family hosts a lavish dinner few days before the main ceremony. When it comes to the bride, four months would be perfect for finalizing your look. The right kind of hairstyle and makeup for the big day should be chosen.

2 Months Before

Two months before the wedding, invitations must be mailed, vows should be written, and accessories must be bought. Also, determine the kind of transportation you wish to have. Make sure your mode of transportation is comfortable and striking.

A Month Before …

A month or few weeks before the big day, you should test your dress, accessories and wedding shoes. Review the DJ/Band, headcount and seating chart. Also, don’t forget to get glowing facials and waxings. These are important initiatives that will make you look dazzling on your special day.

How to Plan a Perfect Wedding

How to Plan a Perfect Wedding

How to Plan a Perfect Wedding

How to Plan a Wedding in 6 Months

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