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Ideas on how to have a budget wedding

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How to have a budget wedding

How to have a budget wedding

The wedding day is no doubt the most important day of your life. But that does not mean that you have to burn a massive hole in your pocket to fulfill it. Weddings need not always be expensive to be memorable. There are numerous ways to cut down the wedding costs, yet make it splendid. Given below are some tips, which will tell you how to have a budget wedding without coming off as cheap.

Set your expectations right

If you have a budget constraint, then you need to be practical and not set expectations of having the ultimate luxury wedding you saw in a movie, or like the one your best friend did. First, you have to chalk down your expectations and see to what extent they match with the budget you set out for your wedding. Therefore, you may still have a great marriage, but maybe on a smaller scale.

About the wedding dress

The wedding dress is often the biggest concern of the bride to be. If you are on a budget, then it is best if you do not keep shopping for your wedding dress as last minute. In all that rush you are more liable to buy an expensive dress only because you do not have time to search for other options. Instead of expensive designer wears, you can opt to buy one of the retail stores. In case you are not that attached to the idea of a traditional wedding gown, then you can even opt for some other elegant dress from a store which will probably come at half the price for a marriage gown. As far as the groom’s outfit is concerned, if he is not at all a tuxedo person and will be wearing it just this one time, then skip buying a designer suit and rent one for the occasion.

The decor and food

An important part of the wedding expense goes into the wedding reception. You can cut back there, by using some sensible ways. First of all, keep the decor minimal and elegant. Instead of opting for huge bouquets of exotic flowers, opt for smaller bouquets of beautiful seasonal flowers. You can include candles and other such little vintage decorations on the tables. Keep the guest list limited to people you want to be there at your wedding. As far as dinner is concerned, limit the starters if you are serving a full meal. The wedding cake can double up as the dessert. And keep a constraint on the alcohol. Do not keep an open bar. Make the guests pay a small amount for each of their hard drinks, which honestly tend to be very expensive.

Plan the honeymoon

Planning for an exotic getaway will no doubt cost a lot. There are many attractive places closer to home, if only you look for them. So pick a budget destination. It is the memories you and your spouse make together that counts.

How to have a budget wedding

How to have a budget wedding

How to have a budget wedding

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