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Popular Trends Spring Summer 2014: Trouser XXL

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The XXL pants are the most masculine garment that can find, but in turn can become extremely feminine. Such pants, also known coo Palazzo, have become a basic female gateways and our cabinet. This is an oversize garment that comes with all kinds of prints: polka dots, stripes, flowers … and smooth as Gucci models.

Roberto Cavalli:  Most proposals are pants storey, almost dragging, ideal to combine with a fitted tank top lingerie such as Roberto Cavalli. Also with a blouse with some drop and a sensual touch, always inside. Cavalli, for pajamas, bet on the abstract prints and fluorescent tones, tight to the hip.

Etro:  Etro is one of the few firms that offer us an trouser XXL below the knee, fishing a choice that does not convince me personally because I see nothing unflattering. I think you have to be high to wear this cut.

Carolina Herrera:  The more feminine and sophisticated trousers (always in my opinion) are those of Carolina Herrera. Apparel ideal to wear on special occasions like a wedding or a chic party. Romantic flowers or paint bold abstract prints high-waisted trousers, marking waist, to strengthen Female style.

Angel Schlesser:  Angel Schlesser presents his pants trouser XXL more shorebirds, most sports except white design. Bold prints as large circles or white stripes are part of these ultra urban settings.


Tommy Hilfiger:  The sailor style we see in Tommy Hilfiger, with American and pants pajamas as a male.

Miguel Palacio:  For the night, the best is a black tailor, and oversize pants brings a sensual touch to the outfits. I am fascinated by the designs of Miguel Palacio, ultra fememnios.

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