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Premarital Counseling Questions for Couples

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Premarital Counseling Questions

Premarital Counseling Questions

Relationships hold our lives together. We tend to think that as soon as we get married the pressure is off because we’ve got someone else to do half of the work. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact is that it’s a 100% commitment on both sides. Remember what you felt like when you knew you had a true friend, someone who multiplies your happiness and divides your sorrows? There was no sense of need.

Well, we tend to forget that aspect when we get married. The reason is, we never ask ourselves the important questions before we realize that we need things from the most significant relationship in our lives that it can’t possibly deliver. This article will target some of those questions.


What Do I Want?

This is the easiest question to overlook. Too often, we think we’ve defined the answer to this as clear as it can get without ever realizing that the only way to keep it clear is to fine-tune constantly it. Here’s what we mean.

Your answer changes. The whole point is to go through everything you could want and to clarify that which gives you the greatest emotions of joy, fulfillment, love, bliss, etc. This is what’s going to keep you in the game. Don’t overlook this question.

What Do I Have to Offer?

You’ve got to know this. Without a definite answer of what we have to offer as a person, we’re not going to be as valuable, and open and honest as we can be with our mates. Let me explain.

You would never be incredibly ugly to your best friend. You wouldn’t act anywhere near as ugly with your co-workers, boss, children, family members, as you may with your spouse. This is vital to know.

If you know and understand what it is that you truly have to offer, you’ll be more compassionate and more committed to your relationships than ever.

The reason for this is because now you have a gauge to test your character, which brings understanding and communication. Never short change your relationship by limiting yourself in this area.

How Emotionally Vulnerable Am I Willing to Be?

For some people, this is as scary as death. We’re so tied up in accomplishing our goals and making sure the trains run on time that we forget what a miserable world this would be without emotion. We also forget something else.

Sometimes we never even come to the cognition that this is what life is about. When we expect there to be attrition and downfalls, and things not to work out as we thought they may, we’re finally in a position to create the life we want. Here’s an example.

How would you feel if you were slapped with divorce papers? This is a worst case scenario, but it’s a concept that you should never forget, for one reason only, and that is, that it opens us up to loving unconditionally.

Premarital Counseling Questions for Couples

Premarital counseling

Premarital counseling

Pre marital counseling questions

Pre marital counseling questions

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