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Simple Engagement Rings

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Simple engagement rings

Simple engagement rings

So you’ve found the girl of your dreams, things go on well between the both of you, and you’ve decided it’s time to break the ice and propose her. But for that, you need to select an engagement ring, but for men before their marriage, making their way into a jewelry store is like entering a maze or a wonderland. You never know what to look for, and you’ll be a start hearing lot of terms like Tiffany Setting, Eternity Band, and Inclusions, etc., don’t worry! It’s not as tough as you think when you read through the complete article. We’ve compiled an ultimate guide to help you choose perfect and simple engagement rings.

Know Your Budget

The first thing you need to do is know how much you are going to spend for the ring, before stepping into a jewelry store. This would also help the salesperson to show you only rings that only fits your budget and save you lots of time. Sellers often take advantage of the significant occasion and show you costly ones, knowing it will be hard to refuse for you, but stick to your budget for selecting simple engagement rings, and negotiate the price as you buy a car or other stuff. It is not the amount of money you spend that matters, but the style and the manner in which you propose do matter to a greater extent. So a straightforward and elegant engagement ring that fits your budget will do the job.

Find Her Ring Size

It doesn’t mean, that you need to ask her straight away her ring size, which will wear out all the surprise element. A manager in a famous jewelry store says that he sees a lot of couples visit the store to decide on the engagement ring. When you allow your partner to select the ring, you almost deny your partner a big moment of surprise in her lifetime. So try to get her ring size from her friends or find out from her parents.

Get to Know her Style

When it comes to rings, lot of things matters to women, right from the style, shape, color and the band. So you need to know exactly what style she’s fond of and buy her a ring exactly like that and add to the surprise in your proposal. She’ll be very much pleased to know that you took a lot of time doing some homework in researching her style, and that show you care a lot about her.

Picking the Right Diamond

And now you know the style of the simple engagement rings your partner likes the most, and it’s time to choose the perfect diamond, which is the centerpiece of your ring. Hence, you need to take into account the 4C’s, which is the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Along with the 4C’s you also need to select the shape (Round, Square, Pear or oval) and setting (Tiffany, Eternity, Channel, Pave, and Bezel) of the diamond.


Choosing simple engagement rings means that you are selecting a ring that has been around for decades, less costly and overall comes with a natural diamond.

Simple Engagement Rings

Simple diamond engagement rings

Simple diamond engagement rings

Simple engagement rings

Simple engagement rings

Best unique simple engagement rings

Best unique, simple engagement rings

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