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Wedding Photography Checklist -Taking best Photos

January 31, 2016 By: admin Category: Wedding Planning

wedding photography checklist

wedding photography checklist

The D-day is almost here. Just as everyone is usually is, you are so excited. Why? Your wedding day is going to be packaged with seconds that are special. You will need to relief every moment and every second of the day. But wait? How can you take stock of these particular moments so that you will not miss a chance?

Undoubtedly there are many wedding moment you will not need to lose. The most efficient method to make sure your photographer captures the perfect minutes for many posterity would be to offer a shot list that is recommended. Apparently, the fashion as well as amount of the pictures all will be determined by the photographer you have selected and the length of time you have hired that expert for. However, a shot set of photos you’d like to have is an excellent solution to cover your bases. It is unrealistic to anticipate most of the pictures below, but pick and choose those shots that mean so much to you as you ought to be able to relish the moment with pride in few years to come

What is the essence of taking stock of special moments during your wedding? Wedding photography checklist The posterity will look up to it, and there are some moments you would long to have a relish off, many more years to come. Wedding pictures supposed to be the collection of every particular moment that counts. You would love to have albums dedicated to this particular purpose. In this age of advanced technology, you can have a digital copy that you can showcase at will.

So, in this wedding photography Checklist post, I present to you some of the beautiful moments you cannot afford to miss. I would advise you take a closer look at each of the items and decide which ones are most important to you. Have a short list of the moments you cannot afford to miss. A professional photographer will go an extra mile to ensure that your wishes are meant.

The need to have a list ahead of time is even more critical because you may not have a chance to pay attention to these kinds of details on your D-day. I am sure you would be engrossed in other things that giving direction to a photographer on your wedding day would be the last thing you want to do. And remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. But one thing you would like to get right on your wedding day is taking shots of moments that matter. So, find below suggested moment you can capture to ensure the memory last longer as you relish them in time to come:

Getting Prepared

Bride’s clothing hanging in the wardrobe, on the bedpost, or over a seat

Bridesmaids doing make-up and bride’s hair

Bridesmaids and bride getting dressed, applying makeup

Mother helping bride with one last aspect, including veil

Full-length shot of bride in gown checking out herself in mirror

Element of clothes, shoes, garter, something borrowed, something blue

Touching shot of bride with parent/ s, s and stepparent/

Touching shot of bride with her siblings

Bride embracing honor attendant

Bride with bridesmaids

Bride along with women

Groom getting ready with Father and buddies (tying the tie is classic)

Touching shot of bridegroom with parent/ s, and stepparent/

Touching shot of bridegroom with siblings

Bridegroom with his arm affectionately around best man

Bridegroom with each of the groomsmen

Groomsmen putting on bowties or boutonnieres

Close photos of bridegroom and bride chatting with/weeping with/embracing siblings and parents service

Father whispering last minute advice to the groom

Groom ready to leave

Bride ready to move

Bride and bridegroom individually making their approach to the service (in a limousine backseat, hailing a taxi, walking down the road/hallway/stairway)

The Service/Ceremony

Guests streaming to the venue

Ushers escorting guests to their seats

Ushers escorting mothers to their seats (Christian wedding)

Closeup of bridegroom’s adorably nervous face looking forward to his other half

Bridesmaids and groomsmen walking down the aisle

Flower girl and ring bearer entering

Honour attendant walking down the aisle

Grandparents walking down the aisle (Jewish wedding)

Wedding party waiting at the altar

Bridegroom walking down the aisle

Bride and Father/escort/parents (Jewish wedding) walking down the aisle

Close up of bride just before she makes her entry

Bride and groom at the altar

Altar or canopy in the rear during service

Wide shot from bride and bridegroom’s point of view, of crowd during service

Faces of bridegroom and bride as they exchange vows

Close-up of bride’s and groom’s hands as they swap rings

The kiss

Bridegroom and bride moving up the aisle, guests’ grinning faces at their sides

Bride and bridegroom service site that is outside

Congrats shots: bridegroom and bride embracing, laughing, and weeping with family as well as good friends

Bride and groom leaving ceremony venue

Bridegroom and bride in limousine backseat

Before the Reception (During the Cocktail Hour)

Note: These can also be taken before the ceremony.

Bridegroom and bride together

Bride along with her joyful, proud parents and stepparents

Bride along with her entire immediate family

Bridegroom along with his parents that are joyful, proud and stepparents

Bridegroom along with his entire immediate family

Bride and groom with all parents

Bride and bridegroom from both sides with immediate family members

Bride and groom with groomsmen

Bride and bridegroom with bridesmaids

Bride and bridegroom with wedding party that is entire

The Reception

Shot from outdoor reception site (to establish the tone)

Reception details like table settings, guest book, centerpieces, decorations, place cards, party favor table, and champagne glasses

Bride and groom arriving (make it spectacular — their faces through the dim limousine windows, both lovebirds atop a stairway or pushing by way of a drape)

Receiving line seconds

Bride and groom at head table

Parents’ table

Guests’ tables

Closeup of family making pledges as well as friends

Bride and bridegroom sipping champagne

Bride’s and groom’s parents whispering to every other during dinner

Bride and bridegroom chatting up the guests

Bride and groom’s first dance (perhaps using a slow shutter speed, so the movement blurs the picture a little)

Parents dancing

Bride and Father dancing

Bridegroom and Mother dancing

Wedding party dancing

Grandparents dancing

Children dancing or playing

Musicians or DJ doing their thing

Guests going nuts on the dance floor (again, slow shutter speed may be advantageous)

Bride laughing with bridesmaids

Cake table

Bride and groom cutting the cake

Bride and groom feeding each other cake

Dessert table

Bouquet throw (maybe a perpendicular shot from before the bride)

Pitching and finding of the garter

Bride and bridegroom leaving, waving from getaway car’s backseat

Back of departing couple’s car

And there you have it. I am sure the list is not exhaustible. You may omit or add some as you deem fit. After all, it is your special day, and you can include different items as you think fit. The major thing is having the glamorous moments archived for many years to come. And you will continue to relish that moment even to the posterity.

Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding photography checklist

Wedding photography checklist

Wedding photography checklist - Wedding photos list

Wedding photography checklist – Wedding photos list

Wedding photography checklist - Wedding picture list

Wedding photography checklist – Wedding picture list

Wedding photography checklist - List of wedding photos

Wedding photography checklist – List of wedding photos

Wedding photography checklist - Wedding photo ideas list

Wedding photography checklist – Wedding photo ideas list