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Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

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Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair - Buns hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair – Buns hairstyles

When you have long hair, there are a number of styles to choose from, be it a bun, braids, ponytail, complex coiffure or curled ringlets flowing down your back. A woman with short hair can cut the hair to suit her face or pull it back and hide it under her veil. However, it is more challenging to figure out the right wedding hairstyles for medium hair. What are the best wedding hairstyles for medium hair, depending on the amount of work you want to put into it and your role in the wedding?


One of the classic hair styles for a wedding is the bun. This can be done with short hair or long hair. If you want to add flair, you can add an extension under the bun to prop it up and make it even higher.
Alternatively, you can do a low cross bun that essentially turns the hair you’ve pulled back into a bun.

A twisted bun is a simple do it yourself hair style for bridesmaids, and it can be done by brides who don’t want a fancy hairstyle. The hair is pulled into two strands and tied in a knot. The two strands are around that knot and pinned in place. You get an elegant swirling bun that requires very little effort and perhaps a dozen hair pins.

The bump and a twist look is when you pull back two side sections, twist them to create a stylish look and tie them together with a pony tail holder. The remaining hair in the back is left to hand loose. It may be shaped into a bun or elevated into a bun via hairspray, blow-drying and/or a bun extension.
One complex version of the bun is the accessorized pin curl bun. Create a simple bun. Stick out the tips of the bun. Roll the tips into small curls and affix them to the bun with hair pins. Then supplement with flowers or white hair pins.

Sweet Innocence

This style emulates the loose flowing hair of little girls, held in place by a headband. The hair is swept back and held down with a headband, making it the ultimate in low effort hairstyles and suitable for anyone with hair just long enough for a headband. It can be done with medium length hair or long hair.

Back Victory Roll

A back victory roll involves rolling up the back ends of the hair into a roll to create a wave look. This hair style can be done with hair from shoulder length to hair just below the ears.

French Braids

Women with medium length hair can put in a French braid. This classic, elegant style keeps the hair out of your face while neatly complementing a veil, hat or any other head covering or no covering at all.
Dutch Braids
The Dutch braid is related to the French braid; the primary difference is that the Dutch braid has the hair pulled under the braid, whereas the French braid has the hair pulled over the braid. The Katniss Everdeen arena braid is a Dutch braid, except curved to lay the braid over her shoulder.

Shoulder Bob

A shoulder bob is a sweeping cut where the hair curves down along the sides of the face. You can wear a shoulder bob with side swept bangs, bangs pushed to the sides or bangs pulled back with barrettes or hair pins.


The standard ponytail isn’t quite nice enough for a wedding. However, a pony-tail braided in the back is suitable for a wedding. You can level it up with a pony topsy tail, essentially a cross between a pony-tail and a braid.

Headband Ponytail Twist

In this hair style, a hair band holds your bangs down and the sides of your hair out of your face. A ponytail or small braids along the side of your face can be braided into the headband.

Tousled and Teased

This loose and flared out look makes your hair look windblown and free, though it is certainly more work than brushing your hair, blowing it with hair spray and then standing under the hand dryer in the bathroom. This look is a good solution for someone who has angled hair cut longer toward the front or an uneven cut due to gum being cut out of their hair. While not suitable for a bride, it looks good on a bridesmaid, especially if complemented with white clips or flowers in the hair.


The chignon is a lovely style that complements thick curls in the back with a headband to keep the hair out of your eyes. This is one of the ideal wedding hairstyles for medium hair if your hair is naturally curly.

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair photos

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair photos and article

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