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Wedding Picture Ideas and Information

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Wedding Picture Ideas

Wedding Picture Ideas

One of the often neglected items on a wedding planning checklist is the photos. Of course you remember to hire a photographer and pose for formal photos. However, it is better to make a list of wedding picture ideas and then a final list of planned photos to be taken by the photographer. After all, many of these events only happen once, and they won’t be captured by a professional (if at all) unless you plan to document them. Which wedding photos should you consider taking?

Bridal Photos

Weddings tend to be a celebration of the bride and her special day. When creating a list of wedding photos to take, plan on when and where bridal photos may be taken. It is better to plan to take pictures of her in her dress a day or more before the wedding so that she isn’t pressed for time before the wedding posing in a park an hour before the ceremony, much less for her wedding. A side benefit is the fact that if the bride gets her hair or makeup messed up posing for pictures in a garden two days before the wedding, she isn’t rushed to redo all the fixings right before her big day.

Family Photos

Don’t forget to plan the family photos before the wedding. Plan on taking a series of formal pictures of the bride with her family. Don’t forget to take pictures of the groom with his family; he’s half the newlywed couple, and his family should constitute half the images of the wedding photos of family groups.

Include pictures of family groupings in the family photos, such as siblings of the couple and their children or married couples attending the wedding. Having a formal list of family photos to be taken prior to the wedding ensures that family groups are immortalized on film or in digital prints.

Wedding Participants

You should take pictures of the wedding party before the wedding, before anyone has had the opportunity to ruin a bridesmaid’s dress by a passerby spilling wine on it or having too much fun at the reception.
Take formal pictures of the wedding party, such as capturing the bridesmaids together, the groomsmen together and any other wedding party groupings you would like. Always plan on taking pictures of young children as soon as they arrive to the wedding, before they have had any chance of messing up their outfits or getting out of sorts.

Ceremony Pictures

Most wedding photographers focus literally on the wedding ceremony. Their job is to take pictures of the bride going down the aisle, the couple standing together, the taking of the vows and the first kiss. If you want additional pictures taken, such as of the first Communion as a couple or poses in front of the altar with the officiant or minister, plan such before the wedding.

Celebratory Pictures

Celebratory pictures are pictures taken of the reception or wedding party after the wedding. You can leave small disposable cameras on the reception tables so that people can take a variety of pictures of the event. However, it is best to make a list of professionally taken photos you would like for events like cutting the wedding cake, the first wedding toasts, opening gifts and so forth.

Wedding Picture Ideas and Information

Wedding Picture Ideas

Wedding Picture Ideas

Wedding Picture Ideas

Wedding Picture Ideas

Wedding Picture Ideas and Information photos and article

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