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What is Elope and Elope Wedding

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Elope wedding

Elope wedding

As world English dictionary describe:

1. Elope is to run off secretly to be married, typically without the authorization or knowledge of one’s parents.
2. To run away with a lover.
3. To leave without permission or notification; escape.

Marrying is a huge commitment whether you have an official wedding occasion or otherwise. It takes some time to get to know one another and to cultivate the framework for a collaboration that can last a lifetime. If you decided to spend the rest your life with your partner, then you need to go in advance and secure those promises.

However, if you’re not sure to continue to the formal wedding due to the expenses and other circumstances you might go over with your companion if elopement is the perfect alternative for you.

Many couples pick eloping nowadays since there are numerous points you consider why eloping could be the appropriate choice for you. The wedding cost, the preparation, the venue, the guest as well as every order in between.

Eloping is an enchanting adventure, pleasurable, filled with enjoyable minus stress cost-free just for two of you. There are lots of locations in the USA and other places to fill your elopement need. The only point you need to do is search online for finest elopement bundles.

These weddings often have no public engagement period or a very short engagement period. They are perfect for anyone that wants to do things the way they want without being judged for their styles or choices. The reasons for having an elopement wedding are as follows:

  • The couple dislikes the idea of a large wedding.
  • The couple cannot afford a large wedding.
  • The couple does not want to hear objections from their parents.
  • The couple does not want to hear complaints from their religious friends and family.

Types of Elopement

In England, eloping can be tough. There is a legal prerequisite of marriage (also called “reading of the banns”). This means that everyone that intends to be wed must have their names read by the priest or parish of their residence for the three Sundays leading to the desired date of their wedding or it must be posted in the registry office for civil ceremonies as a ‘Notice of Intent to Marry.’ If residing in England and desire to elope you must get a special license from the Archbishop of Canterbury or travel to a place where the law in not in place which would be across the border.

Tainan is the word for an elopement in the Philippines. Elopements in the Philippines take place after dusk as the bride will sneak away to her partner who is waiting to take her away. The bride’s parents are frequently clueless to the actions of their daughter who is nowhere to be found by morning.

Reasons for this type of elopement can be that the bride has an arranged marriage getting closer that she does not want to go through with or her parents do not approve of her choice in suitors.

Bride’s Outfit for an Elopement

This kind of a wedding has no guidelines. In a traditional wedding, the bride would wear a white dress normally down to the floor that is elegant and can be very pricey. The bride would also wear a headpiece (most wear a veil) and fancy jewelry. If you are going to elope you may as well throw all of that out the window and wear whatever your heart desires.

You can dress up or down as much as you like and be comfortable and happy with a style that you may already have that fits you just the way you like without having it altered (or breaking your bank account). Some women choose to buy a wedding dress cheap as in one that is used or on clearance. Others wear a cute skirt and top.

Then there are the brides that love who they are and what they wear every day, and they will go in jeans and a t-shirt as long as they can be with their partner ‘in sickness and health till death do they part’.

Groom’s Outfit for an Elopement

Traditional attire for the groom would be a tux with a white undershirt and some fancy flower pinned to the collar. This could be the reason many men would love to get eloped instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money on one day so he can start his life with his partner. In an elopement, the groom can wear anything he likes and will typically be instructed by his fiancé as to what is appropriate.

If she goes all out with a big dress, she may want him to wear a tux or suit to marry her. If the bride wears a cute outfit, she may have her groom wear a pair of dress pants or khakis and a polo shirt. There is also the possibility of the groom wearing some jeans and a t-shirt just the same as his down to earth bride.

Announcing your Elopement

Once you have eloped, you can let people know in quite a few ways. This, like your attire, will come from the type of person you are. Would you like to mail out a formal invitation, or plan an extravagant dinner to invite everyone you want to tell? Do you like to party, you can throw a huge back and add ‘byob (bring your booze)’ to the mix. Are you glad that no-one can stop you but still cringe when you think about everyone’s reaction that you ran off so secretively, you could send out a nice letter to everyone you think should know that you have started your happily ever after?

Another way to announce your elopement is to send an invitation to a bigger, more traditional ceremony or reception including the date of which you were married. Sometimes you just can’t wait to get married, but you don’t have the funds or time to plan the entire day just the way you always wanted it. You can elope and throw your ceremony and or reception at a later date.

How to Document Your Big Day

Just because you wanted, a more personal wedding does not mean you don’t want to remember it. Have you thought about getting someone to photograph it? Maybe you even want a video of your ceremony to show your family afterward. Some couples choose to write down everything they remember about the event after it happens, so the details stay accurate. Bringing a few people with you could make it a little easier to remember since getting married is a big deal even if you have a small ceremony.

Legal Issues to Consider

You may want to look into the legal side of things before you run off and devote your life to your partner moment comes. Some stated to require a waiting period or even blood work before you can legally be wed. If you have previously been married, you may have to bring your divorce papers, and you could both be required to show a birth certificate. It’s not always as easy as it looks in the movies!

Why are elopement packages a trend now?

Elopements are not always planned, and that’s exactly what makes them more exciting. The most common reason behind elopement marriages is that you and your better half are far too romantic for a big wedding. Thus, what can be better than finding a nice romantic getaway to plan the wedding? Thus, certain companies are there to help couples decide on their best elopement packages, in the most exotic and scenic destinations in the world.
What do would-be couples look for in an elopement package?

  • First of all, the budget must be affordable.
  • The location must be highly breath-taking
  • All arrangements related to the marriage should be made beforehand
  • A romantic suite for the honeymoon.

What have the best elopement packages to offer?

These packages provided by certain tourism companies are fun and thrilling. They put their bets efforts to make the marriage day, the most important day in the life of the couple. Thus, a well-developed elopement package has:

  • The best wedding location, whether beach-side or a meadow.
  • Best wedding consultants to help plan for every detailed thing included within the marriage.
  • Complete assistance in acquiring a marriage license appointment.
  • The solo acoustic musician is it a guitarist, violinist or a ukulele player.
  • A package for an hour of photography.
  • Floral topper single tier wedding cake
  • A non-denominational assistant for the entire occasion
  • A romantic candle-light dinner for the couple
  • Flowers of the preferred variety in great numbers at the marriage site
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Complimentary champagne bottle on the night of wedding

All these and much facilities are included within the best elopement packages, at unbelievably reasonable prices.

Where best elopement packages are planned?

They are always scheduled in the most exotic places of the most spectacular scenic beauty. Thus, the traditional areas where best elopement packages are designed, include Manitou Springs CO, Niagara Falls NY, Napa Valley Calif, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Mexico and many such beautiful wedding locations spread all over the earth. Today, more and more people are opting for this kind of simple, sophisticated yet romantic wedding; where there won’t be too many people, but the arrangements would be so fabulous that one would remember their wedding vows throughout their lives.

The arrangement and organization of the entire ceremony, done by these wedding and tour planner, are done in a way that the bride and groom can have the all the courtesies and rituals with their complete feel and charm, but at an affordable cost. Along with the wedding packages, honeymoon packages are also offered, to make the entire occasion very private and yet an experience of a lifetime. These weddings are now in fashion;

Especially because they are different, private and are a complete contrast to the brick and mortar embellished city halls. By stuffing more innovative and fun elements within the package, these tourism and hotel authorities make the wedding a very simple, organic yet pure affair.

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