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Winter Wedding Ideas: For you to Know

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Winter wedding ideas

Winter wedding ideas

The wintertime wedding is a beautiful wedding that coincides with the snowy winter, festive and holiday months. The cold weather starts from late Nov. to very early March. The snowflakes float passionately in the air and come down slowly to the ground.

The snow shines as well as glows to your eyes as if the snow calls you to play. If you look close, the white turns blue in shade. Rich, beautiful colors, roaring fires, a lovely wintery dress with a cape, Christmas lights lingering around, wintery aroma filling the air and that is a beautiful painting of a winter wedding. Yes, winter weddings are common because, with the right planning, the setting can be beautiful. Today, we are going to give you some winter wedding ideas to help you move forward with your plan.

Flowers You Can Use for Decorating the Area

Could you imagine having a wedding without flowers? That would be pretty dull, so we cannot overlook them. By using a mixture of beautiful reds and dramatic whites, brides will be able to capture the crystalline beauty that takes place during the winter months. Many brides worry about having a winter wedding, because they are under the impression that there won’t be very many flowers to choose from, but believe it or not; the florist will still have flowers available for you.

Take a look at this list of flowers (this doesn’t include all that is available):

  • Hydrangeas
  • Lilies
  • Ranunculus
  • Red Roses
  • Carnations
  • Amaryllis
  • Tulips
  • Camellias
  • Forget-me-nots
  • French Tulips
  • Holly
  • Gardenia
  • Orchids
  • Narcissus Paper Whites
  • Poinsettias

Do you see all of the beautiful flowers you could use for a winter wedding? To add even more beauty to this lovely winter event, you could use pussy willow branches – those have furry buds up and down the twigs. You can also use mistletoe, pine cones and beautiful juniper boughs throughout the area for decoration.

The Color Choices

When having an event this special, you cannot ignore the colors – they can make or break the appearance. Some good colors to choose include cream, forest green, silver and gold shades and icy blue.

Adding Christmas Lights

Among the mixture of flowers, it would be beautiful if you were to add some Christmas lights. You can use regular Christmas lights or get the extravagant type to lively up the area.

Christmas Trees

Along with those Christmas lights, you could add some Christmas trees. Here’s a cool idea – have little miniature Christmas trees sitting on the tables throughout the venue.

An Ice Sculpture

Do you know something that is popular during winter weddings? Ice sculptures. You can have an ice sculpture carved to fit the theme of your wedding.

Pass Out Some Hot Chocolate

Amongst the different types of food you plan on having at your wedding, don’t forget the hot chocolate! Who doesn’t love drinking hot chocolate when it’s cold out? The hot chocolate will be helpful to the guests.

Idea for Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake shouldn’t be over-looked – this is one of the most important features of the wedding. A big white cake with silver powdered sugar sprayed over it and decorated with either white or red ribbons would look beautiful.

Winter Wedding Invitation Idea

Of course, if you want guests to attend this special event, you will need to send those wedding invitations out. While the Internet is used for a lot of things, we recommend you physically sending out invitations; this is much better than simply asking someone if they will attend your wedding via Facebook. When you are picking out your invitations, consider invitations that have silver ink writings or light blue colors – you may be able to find some that have a snowflake design. You could always try making your own and finish them up by wrapping beautiful wintery vellum around each one. You can create a nice finish by tying a bright red ribbon around the invitation.

Ideas for the Food

Obviously, the winter food will be different than the summer food – everything from the salad, appetizer, entrée to dessert should be a comfort food. For the cold months, the best type of food are those that are buttery and room, such as sautéed sweet potatoes and yes, steak if an attractive choice. Guests may also enjoy eggnog pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes pie, buttery cookies, and marzipan.

Wedding Favors

The winter wedding favors will vary according to your budget. You can go to your local gift shop and purchase winter themed favors or, if you have time, you can buy the favors from an online store. For an even more unique effect, you may think of personalizing the favors. Here’s a good idea – personalize notebooks and hand them out to your guests. The notebook should fit perfectly inside a medium purse, so they can easily be carried around. Another good idea involves hot chocolate in a jar. You can place hot chocolate (powder) in a cute jar and tie a ribbon around it – your guests should love this one. You could always provide some winter warmth by handing out customized gloves to each one of your guests.

Wedding Dress Idea – The Ultimate Dress

Ask any bride what they wore to their wedding and most will get this dreamy look in their eye and describe their attire from their head to their toes. This is because the marriage dress is crucial to a female – this is something that many girls dream about. When you wear a wedding dress, you will feel like a princess for a day. So yes, you need to put a lot of attention into the dress so that you pick the right one. Believe it or not, there are many different types of winter dresses on the market (that is because winter weddings are typical). We believe a winter wedding dress should have a beautiful wedding cloak cape with it – for even more wintery detail, the dress should have a fur trim (it doesn’t have to be real fur).

You see, having a wedding during the winter months isn’t bad at all. So many people love the winter setting, but they’re afraid of having a wedding because they don’t think the food, favors, dresses and flowers can fit in with the winter setting.

There is lots of planning as well as lots of money that goes into planning a wedding at any time of the year. A winter wedding celebration is no exemption. However, there are a variety of ways for you to save money and make your wedding more affordable. Every aspect of a wedding can be found at a reduced price if you do your research. Even a winter wedding on a budget can be a beautiful experience and special memory for you, your spouse, and guests.

Wintertime wedding event is particularly enjoyable as compared to wedding celebrations throughout various other seasons. Factor being snowfall during winter brings in an astounding setting to the special event. While many winter season wedding should be held inside your home because of cold weather, you can attain your dream wedding event even on a tight spending plan. Just what you need is the good organization as well as some creativity.

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Winter wedding ideas

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