Best Places to Get Married: Top Wedding Destinations in the World

Getting married is no doubt a very personal commitment that a couple will share with all their family and friends. Instead of celebrating with a big number of relatives and friends in the local reception hall, today, most of the brides and grooms opt to marry away from home. Destination weddings are the latest trend that usually involves only a smaller group of the closest members of the family and friends. These weddings tend to be an intimate and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
Right now, there are a lot of remote, breathtaking and exotic locales where couples choose to get hitched. If you are planning to tie the knot pretty soon, you might be interested to discover the best places to get married. These top destination wedding spots have been specifically chosen by many couples for good reasons.
Tuscany, Italy
The first on the list of the best places to get married is none other than Tuscany, Italy. Destination wedding goers will surely have the most unforgettable experience as they ride through Tuscany’s lush vineyards. Its rolling hills also offer a breathtaking scenery and the delicious cuisine and rich culture will give you a satisfying Italian getaway.
A guaranteed tropical paradise all year-rounds, couples can enjoy getting married in Barbados under a temperate weather no matter what season of the year it might be. This island in the West Indies boasts of warm oceans and beautiful beaches that remain to be unsurpassed. Unlike most of the other destinations in the Caribbean, Barbados has a mild hurricane season that makes it desirable for destination weddings.
Paris, France
Undoubtedly one of the world’s most romantic cities, it is not a big surprise that Paris is named as among the best places to get married. The City of Lights take great pride in numerous landmarks great for exchanging vows, which include the Eiffel Tower that looks spectacular, especially at night when its lights shine with the dark sky on the backdrop.
The stunning white sand beaches and the sparkling turquoise waters are just among the many reasons why couples are drawn to Mexico. The place offers couples with different budget options for weddings that range from the most basic to the most extreme luxury.
The clear waters combined with the pink-sand beaches are what put Bermuda on the list of the best places to get married. Offering its guests with an irresistible English charm, there are a lot of activities in the place where the wedding guests can enjoy.
Seychelles Islands
A favorite for destination weddings, the beaches of Seychelles have big granite boulders that make it unique. The hilltops that overlook the ocean coves are wonderful choices for couples.
Costa Rica
The place offers couples with plenty of settings that include a beach, a rain forest or even a volcano. Outdoor adventurers and nature lovers can have the wedding of a lifetime.
South Africa
Great for the couples who love the outdoors, South Africa is now among the best places to get married. It has lots of beautiful spots for getting married, including game reserves and mountaintops.
Whether you want to get married in the mountains or on a white sand beach, you can have it all in Jamaica.
The last but definitely not the least of the best places to get married is none other than Hawaii. The pristine beaches, lush mountains and exhilarating cliffs all make Hawaii a famous place for destination weddings.

Best Places to Get Married