Best Wedding Dress For My Body Type

You want to look your best on your wedding day, right? Well, most of how you are going to look will be focused on the wedding dress that you are wearing. You want something which flatters you. On this page, we are going to take a little peek at some of the most common body types and provide you with a few suggestions as to what you should be wearing if you boast that particular body type. Obviously, do not take this page as gospel. You should always try on a dress before you purchase it, and ask for the opinion of your friends and family too!

  • Small-chested: Since you are, most likely, going to have a strapless wedding dress, your options with regards to bras will be somewhat limited. If you have a small chest, you may want to opt for something which has a bit of ‘extra fabric’ around the breast area. This will give you a bit more in the way of curves, and that may make you look a whole lot better. Obviously, not everybody is going to wish to boost their curves, but it is something to think about.
  • Petite: Women who are relatively small in stature tend to do pretty well with A-Line gowns. They also tend to prefer a slightly higher waistline on the dress than their normal waist. This should look great. If the size is too little, you will look short. You will also want to steer clear of huge ball gowns as they will, most likely, make your body shape just disappear.
  • Pear-shaped: If you are pear shaped, you will want to opt for a dress which showcases how narrow your waist is. You will then want the dress to flare out near the bottom to take attention away from your legs. Opt for fabric which is quite sturdy rather than loose fitting. This will make sure that it does not cling to your body throughout the day which can, of course, show off the parts of your body which you do not wish to show off.
  • Large breasted: If you have a larger chest, opt for a scooped neckline dress. This will take attention away from your breasts (if that is what you want). If you do wish to draw attention to your breasts, opt for a dress which slightly less material near the top, basically the opposite to the advice is given for those with smaller chests.
  • Tall women: If you are tall, opt for a dress which has a beautiful silhouette to it. You are not going to want to make yourself appear shorter. That is why I suggest a beautiful dress which shows each and every part of your figure. You will look great. Try to avoid too many embellishments on your gown; they will detract from how gorgeous you are looking.

Remember, always head to a right wedding gown store to ensure that you get the best wedding dress for your figure.