Detailed Wedding Checklist – The Secret for the Success of the Best Day of Your Life

Your complete wedding checklist is the best weapon in your wedding arsenal that you cannot simply do without.  Whether you will hire a wedding planner or not organize your wedding, you still need to have a checklist to ensure that even the smallest details will get done right on time and on the budget. Organizing your wedding is an event planning situation, and you are in charge of putting together a big party within a set time and budget. There are a lot of things that must be done when planning for your big day and having a checklist must be on top of your priorities.

So, what must be included in your wedding checklist?

An excellent and comprehensive list must include your church and date options. You might also consider having your wedding outdoors and this itself will call for an entirely different kind of checklist. Instead of searching for the best venues where you can hold the party following the ceremony, you will find companies that set up large marquee tents. Unless your rented hall provides all that you need for the wedding, you also need to think about renting chairs and tables, getting the flower arrangements completed, finding the best caterer and choosing between a DJ and a band to liven up the festivities.

Planning an event is and will never be a piece of cake. This calls for lengthy hours of meeting with all the right groups of people, visiting different venues and halls, listening to various bands, and tasting numerous menus to pick the best dishes that will be served. And through these all, there is also the pressing need to keep everything within the budget. Unless you have a detailed wedding checklist, it is just too easy for you to lose track of expenses and this is the last thing that you want to happen. The wedding expenses can spiral out of your control all too quickly and keep the figures in check is a must if you do not want your married life to start off with a mountain of debts.

Before calling any halls, caterers or musicians, you can prepare your checklist, or you can also hire a wedding planner who can make the list for you. Your master list is something that you need to keep handy all the time while planning the wedding. This will keep track of things for you, starting from the time that the bridesmaids are supposed to go to your home on the big day, to the color of the corsage of your mother in law and when this will be delivered to her house.

Lists are surely the perfect way for you to stay on the right track on different aspects of your life, weddings included. With the help of a detailed wedding checklist, you can be sure that planning your big day will be as easy as 1-2-3 as you start your journey to forever with your special someone!