How to Choose an Engagement Ring

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

When shopping for an engagement ring, there are several ways on how to choose the best and right one for your future partner in life. Whether it is your first time to choose an engagement ring or you have done it before, these following can be of great help.

Shape Matters Always

Aside from the cut, clarity, carat, and color of the ring, you should know what shape your future fiancée likes. Shape shows the actual stone’s geometry, which relates to the facet’s angles in the stone.

Consider the Settings

Quality settings, the metal framework where your stone is mounted, can set the tone for an engagement ring. If you are considering a classic round engagement ring stone, it is best to choose a bezel setting for it to acquire a fresh as well as modern makeover. A trendy oval may look better in a 4-prong setting. The key to get the best engagement ring is to determine the right combination of setting and shape.

Know Her Style

These days, the trend for couples is to buy rings together. However, if you are more of a traditionalist and want to surprise her with a beautiful ring that she will definitely love, make sure to do some reconnaissance. You may ask her sibling or best friend for help and tell them not to say anything about it. However, if you are set on not telling anybody, pay attention to the different jewelries she wear. Observe her jewelry preferences and take note of her style.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Metal

In terms of the band, you have various metals to pick from. One of these is the platinum, which is very durable and pure. That’s why it’s a hypoallergenic choice for grooms and brides with sensitive skin. There is also gold that comes in different colors including rose, green, white, and yellow. Beyond gold and platinum, you might want to consider palladium, which comes with a grayer hue than the platinum.

Know Your Budget

Not all engagement rings available in the market have the same prices. Get rid of that old 2-months salary myth. You must purchase the best ring you can without the need for you to get into major debt. If she is a size queen and your budget is not super-sized, consider a ring with slightly bigger surface area or table. You will not get as much sparkle, yet a carat ring will look much bigger if the stone is not as deep. If you don’t want to sacrifice the appearance of the stone, buy a ring with 1.8 carat instead of 2. This can help you save twenty percent.

There are other several ways on how to choose an engagement ring. Depending on your preferences and budget, choose the one that would perfectly suit on your future fiancée’s personality and how much you love her. The cost of an engagement ring does not really matter if you think she deserves it. Just always make a better and wiser choice.