What You Need to Know About Couple Engagement Rings

Engagement is more than just a ceremony for couples. The engagement itself is a testimony to a lifetime commitment that two individuals intend to embark on. But it all begins with finding the right couple engagement rings.

According to an article from the Guardian, about 75% of the British men prefer to buy their loved one or partner a diamond engagement ring. A diamond ring is, in fact, a classic choice because the precious stone signifies the significance of their relationship as a couple.

The 4 C’s

The 4C’s refer to the color, cut, clarity, and the carat of the precious stone. These factors are equally important, and they are all indicators of the price of the ring. Let’s get to know what these 4C’s are all about:

1. The Color of the diamond

When it comes to diamonds, the clearest and the most valuable is the white-colored stone. The quality of diamond regarding the color is classified as ‘D’ to ‘Z’, with D having the highest quality. Diamonds with distinct and vibrant colors are considered fancy.

2. The Cut of the diamond

The cut of the diamond is essential as it will create the ‘fire’ effect. Ring’s surface has about 58 tiny facets, and their angles can make or break the stone’s brilliance. Mistakes in cutting can immensely ruin the fire and make it a lot less brilliant.

Apart from the ‘fire’, the cut of the diamond will likewise determine its final shape. The round cut is the most common, but other forms include the pear, the oval, the princess, the heart shape and the marquise.

The Clarity of the diamond

The clarity is dependent on the tiny inclusions you can see inside the ring. These are often referred to as nature’s fingerprints. These small additions are what makes a diamond unique. The most expensive diamonds are labeled as IF, which means Internally Flawless. Those who are considered Slightly Included or SI1 are still considered of good quality.

The Carat of the diamond

Carat technically refers to the size and weight of the diamond. A single carat is equivalent to 200 mg. Each carat is also divided into 100 points or 100 smaller units. Most diamond engagement rings usually possess between 1 to 0.5 carats.

Another factor in finding the best engagement rings is the cost. Despite the norm of spending at least two months worth of salary for the ring, it is still better to buy what you can realistically afford. What is also interesting to note is that diamond rings are a good investment as the value does not deteriorate.

Finding the right couple engagement rings require research and commitment. For traditionalists, a diamond ring would be an excellent choice. For others, contemporary rings made from other precious stones or non-conventional precious metals would suffice. Overall, the type of rings should not define the engagement, but it is the commitment from two people that will bring meaning to it.